Solid Surface Shower System

Do you want to provide your clients and customers with quality showers and vanity tops in their facility? We know that superior products and easy installation can go a long way in good customer service, so allow Wiltcher Industries, Inc., to provide a quality solid surface shower system that will give your clients the shower experience they deserve.

Solid Surface Showers

A solid surface shower can create a beautiful space where a client can unwind after a long day or start their day off on the right foot. If you are a contractor who specializes in  bathroom installations at dormitories, nursing homes, or hospitals, we're certain that your clients will be more than satisfied with our wide range of high-quality solid surface showers.

The best part about our solid surface showers is how easily you can install them. Each shower is carefully manufactured and assembled, adhering to a level of quality that exceeds traditional industry standards. When you choose Wiltcher Industries, you can rest assured that you and your clients will have their needs met.

Additionally, we offer complete installation training at no additional cost. You can have peace of mind knowing that, if you get stuck during the installation process at any point, you can contact our team of friendly installation experts and we will help you complete your installation with ease.

Customer Service Enthusiasts

Since 1969, Wiltcher Industries has been committed to providing our clients and customers with quality items they can depend on. Our solid surface showers are built to last, and their ease of installation can make them perfect for your business.

To learn more about our products and for all other general questions, give us a call at (888) 963-8990. We will be happy to provide you with a quote.